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Language Teacher
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Augen Schliessen und gemeinsam Yoga praktizieren

Find relaxation, learn something new and develop yourself further with yoga in Fribourg, a language course or life coaching!

I look forward to meeting you, be that at one of my...

- yoga sessions in Fribourg
- business English classes
- German or general English classes
- lifestyle workshops
- life coaching sessions
- yoga retreats
- yoga weekends

Yoga, language learning and conscious living

Through regular yoga practice, I discover my inner world; through languages and communication the outer. As a healthy lifestyle consultant, I take you into these worlds and share my knowledge.

Let me be your yoga teacher in Fribourg or sign up for one of my yoga events. In my language school in Fribourg, I adopt a sensitive approach, which will help you learn and gain self-confidence so that you can communicate in German with people from the local area or in English with people from all over the world. Take part in a Lifestyle Workshop about zero waste, vegan diet or wild herbs and learn how you can take more care of yourself and the environment.

Diana Andrea führt den Tänzer aus am Strand

Yoga & Meditation

Yoga in Fribourg, your Yoga Teacher, Yoga Workshops, Yoga Weekends and Yoga Retreats. In German, French and English.

Deutsch sprechen lernen oder Englischkurse bei Diana Andrea besuchen

Language Teacher

1-to-1 and group courses and coaching for English and German. In Fribourg or at your place of work.

Sprossen ziehen, Fermentieren oder Rohvegan essen

Life Coaching

Healthy nutrition, environmental protection and personal development. Experience a new "me".

From a mountain village in Graubünden to a school for languages, lifestyle and yoga in Fribourg

Originally, I come from a small mountain village in Graubünden. My family speaks Romansh, German and Italian. That's where my affinity for languages comes from. My childhood dream of building wells for people in need in Africa led me first to Germany, where I studied civil engineering. After my studies, however, I did not move to another continent but to French-speaking Switzerland.

Once lured here by curiosity, I have lived in the canton of Fribourg for over twenty years. I am still on a journey of discovery and approach it with much interest and an open mind. Let me be your yoga teacher in Fribourg or come along to a yoga weekend, visit my language school or learn more about a healthy lifestyle at a workshop. Contact me so that you too can learn and experience something new.

Diana Andrea - Yogalehrerin, Sprachschule und Lifestyle Beratung
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